Monday, November 28, 2022

Sadie and Layla

Just completed a commission of these two lovely girls.  Burmese have the most delicious colouring don't they?  Photo doesn't do the painting justice, but you get the idea.

oil on board

12" x 9"


Saturday, October 29, 2022


Just finished varnishing and framing Opal to send to her new owner.  Fun commission to complete having to use a couple of different reference shots and imagining a background to compliment her beautiful looks and larger size.  I have been doing pups that have passed so it's great to get a chance paint them while they still walk among us.

oil on board

9" x 12"


Friday, October 14, 2022



I feel privileged to be asked to capture an image of a loved companion and friend after they have left us.  In this case Sophie, a sparkly black poodle enjoying a sunny afternoon in her garden. This was a commission ordered by friends of the owners and I hope it brings them some happy memories. 

9" x 12"

oil on board


Friday, October 7, 2022



This commission just completed was so much fun to do...what a handsome fella.  Only had one reference photo for this piece, but fortunately that was enough.  It's best to have a few taken preferably outside.  Once I decide, the photo is cropped, but I also like to do a quick pencil sketch to get a feel and approval to proceed.

oil on board

9" x 12"


Say What?


I snapped a pic a few years ago inside the Statue of Liberty ferry and after cropping, was immediately drawn to the cool lighting on this lady's face.  She was a hidden gem inside a larger photo. You hate taking sneaky pics without permission...okay she was the intention all along...busted!  Would happily gift it to her should she see it.

oil on board

10" x 8"

$350 framed

Thursday, October 6, 2022


Now that I'm off and running doing commission portraits, (and having a blast), this is one that just got picked up.  Done in oil on a  9"x12" board,  I'm charging $395 plus shipping...framed as shown.  Makes a great gift and ready in time for Christmas.  I work from photos and do a quick sketch or crop for approval before starting.  Also doing people and other critters.

My iphone13 is terrible at producing accurate photos of paintings...ugh!  The ai tries to make a painting look more like a painting, and that is kind of funny in a way, but very frustrating.  The subtleties/brush strokes are magnified, colours off, any tips would be appreciated.  The framed piece looks a lot better in real life.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Family a Tapestry of a Thousand Tiny Threads

This figurative abstract is a commission piece with the title being borrowed from the queen's 25th wedding anniversary speech.  I felt it accurately described this very tight and loving family.  Their daughter is a budding gymnast and they have the most amazing collection of koi fish which are bred and raised on their property.  Their love of exotic travel is represented with the inclusion of the three zebras.  Can hardly wait to see it hanging in their beautiful new addition.

oil on canvas

60" x  36"


Friday, March 19, 2021

 Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be

This painting was inspired by an early 1960 British musical entitled Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be.  It is an apt comment on how our world has changed in the last year and the abstraction is appropriate me thinks.  I reclaimed a furniture store wall decor piece with frame that was also refinished.  Fun to do, but I feel like such a vandal painting over it...ha!

Oil on panel

35" x 31"  NFS

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Whall Family

This commissioned family portrait of the Whalls taken at Clear Lake, was inspired by one of those 3" square black and white photographs circa 1963.  (Photos weren't developed until 1965). Mom and child were added to include everyone in the family, and hippos are notorious photo bombers...ha!  The larger scale was fun to do and I find the vintage aspect very interesting.

oil on canvas

60" x 36"


Friday, June 26, 2020

Don Ranchie

This is a portrait of my cousin Ann's husband Don in his younger days duking it out some time in the 60's.  I understand he was a fairly good fighter holding his own with some top ranked amateurs.  Not sure if he won this particular fight, but he was looking good at the time of the photo.  The painting is for his daughter Dawn Marie, a wonderful woman who has helped me out, and this is my way of saying thank you.

Oil on board

9" x 12"  NFS

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Social Media

Even the strongest of us are not immune to the dark side of social media.  It has enabled terrorism, bullying, privacy abuse and fake news to name just a few.  So many of us have become slaves to our devices, especially the phone, to the point where lives are ruled by them. 

Paper mache on wood, copper wire, acrylic paint

16 1/2" high

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Cowgirl Dancing

This paper mache sculpture was for my granddaughter Avery's 6th birthday which was today.  She is a very bright young lady who already shows some incredible artistic skills.  I thought she might appreciate a non toy gift even at this young age, and she made my year by saying that she loved it.

Sunday, February 9, 2020


Jack Pine Forest looked so dark and sullen in their living room, so I asked Jessie and Shane if I could repaint, and they graciously consented. This was the the rework after many edifications, and it only took a few months...ugh!

acrylic on canvas

36" x 24"

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Black Is The New Blue

Bit of story as to why I would paint a portrait of an oven, but it was a commission by my "designer" daughter as a gift to a client whose blue oven did not happen.  They were only able to install a black one, so this is a reminder of what could or should have been.

oil on panel    Sold...Ok I gave it to her...ha!
8 1/2" x 9 1/2"

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


This painting was done for my son in law Shane as a birthday present from his loving wife.  Skeets is their awesome Heinz 57 pooch who brightens their lives.

oil on board
8" x 10"

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Stayin' Alive

This paper mache sculpture depicts an older cow literally dancing for her life.  After seeing friends disappear over time she has learned to entertain by dancing, and by keeping her figure trim feeling she is less likely to be carted off to the abattoir.

paper mache, acrylic, wire and wood 
20" total height with base diameter 15" x 10"

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Jack Pine Forest

A composition out of my head for Jessica and Shane.  I wanted to create something more abstract, but working with acrylics this time made that a lot trickier as I'm not really used to working with the medium.  I love/hate the quick dry time which dictates how you are going to apply and work the paint.  Suppose like anything else practice makes...don't want to use the word perfect here, but you know what I mean.

Acrylic on canvas   36" x 24'

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Roger and Joanne Aldag

I had the pleasure of meeting Roger and his lovely wife Joanne on a beach in Bucerias, Mexico last month when they graciously allowed me to take their photograph for this painting.  I didn't know who they were initially until we exchanged particulars so they could see the finished work.  I recognized his name immediately, as Roger was a star in the CFL and gave our Bombers fits whenever they met on the football field.  He still looks like he could suit up and help their team.  It's worth googling his name to see his amazing accomplishments through a very long and successful career.  The man is revered in Saskatchewan, and with Rider fans throughout the they are everywhere. Anyway what a great couple that I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with.  And yes it's true, the pros do get all the good looking girls...ha!

oil on board 
12" x 9"

Saturday, November 26, 2016


My little granddaughter Avery... 2 1/2...  is a real peach.  This is my first painting of her referenced by a great photograph by Granny Rose.  After her amazing abstract painting which is now hanging in our foyer, I was inspired to create something as I haven't been painting for too long a time.  She is a super smart kid...but aren't they all these days.  This is her giving it her best "Uma" look...ha!

oil on board
8" x 10"


Saturday, March 26, 2016


Sadly, poor Niko was struck and killed by a car last year right in front the house where he lived with friends Don and Luz.  Not sure how people can drive so recklessly on a quiet residential street and not be bothered to slow down for a confused little critter.  It was a very sad day.  With not a great photo to reference, I borrowed heavily from a painting I fell in love with by artist extraordinaire  Jill Soukup.  She is an amazing painter whose workshop I would love to attend.  When you look at her painting, the cat is alive and breathing.  I loved her composition and decided to use it to try and create something that would remind my friends of their beloved little pal.  He had the bushiest, coolest tail I've ever seen on a cat. Thank you Jill, I learned a lot trying to emulate your beautiful work.

oil on board  8" x 10"  NFS

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fab Four

Painted from a photo snapped in Central Park this past November, this is hopefully one of a series I'd like to do of images captured in NYC.  There certainly are a lot of "Humans" of New York...ha!  The city is so vibrant, I refer to it as brain food.  Definitely one of the most stimulating cities that we have ever visited.  I was fortunate enough to spend time in both the Metropolitan and MOMA art museums, and viewed literally dozens and dozens of paintings that I had only previously seen in books.  Can hardly wait to go back some day soon.

oil on board 12" x 9"  $395.00 framed

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I just completed this portrait of a lovely woman named Margaryta who appears to have had a real zest for life, although she suffered from a life long problem with depression.  There's a saying..."Depression is like a war, you either win, or you die trying."  Unfortunately and very sadly for Margaryta and her family, she did not win this war.  This painting was a commission done as a gift for her daughter who misses her terribly.

All proceeds from the painting have been donated to Siloam Mission where many of the needy suffer from clinical depression.

oil on board 8" x 10" Sold

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sight Seeing in Tuscany

This painting started as a landscape of the Tuscan countryside, but I was not happy with the way the paint went down,  and found it a little boring.  It is from a photo I took, and the best way to fix it I thought was to add some figures which I had photographed in a different location.  The result was much more to my liking, however the photo here is not very good.  Because of the large size,  the lighting comes off very unevenly with the right side being far too dark.  Wonder what the chances are of this young couple ever seeing themselves in this picture.  They were probably enjoying Italy on their honeymoon about three years ago.

oil on canvas 72" x 48"  $1950.00  unframed,  1 3/4" edges painted

Friday, December 18, 2015


I've always loved Edvard Munch's "The Scream."  I decided to try my hand at sculpture...paper mache to be more precise.  It is easy to prepare and work with, and is a crazy amount of fun.  I probably destroyed it five or six times trying to find a gesture that was in keeping with the energy and raw emotion in the painting.  How powerful a word...SCREAM! This was for an alcove in our house.

30" x 22" x 16"   acrylic on paper mache and board

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Caroline's Dad

This painting is for friends Caroline and Mark.  Her dad spent his life on the farm working the land with his John Deere equipment.  I worked from a photo recently taken by Caroline as her dear dad relaxed at the home where he currently resides.  I was immediately drawn to his strong arms and hands, and ended up choosing this pose from several that she sent to me.

oil on canvas 16" x 20"  NFS

Saturday, March 28, 2015


This painting is a Christmas present finally framed and delivered for my daughter Melissa, husband Tom and daughter Avery.  I'm having trouble capturing colours accurately with my camera.  You can see the variations in the top three pics and how they do seem to work together in the final framed piece.

oil on board  2 x 12" x 12", 1x 18" x 12"  NFS

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Purple Hat

I've been working on this painting for quite some time now, finally settling on a background.  I got the image from an artist model site, and really liked the interesting attire of this lovely young lady. Unfortunately the photo is not very good not really capturing the true colours and details.

oil on canvas 16" x 20"  Sold

Sunday, September 14, 2014


This painting is for my good friends Luz and Don whose dear friend Tapas passed away in April.  I decided to preserve his memory in paint and included his sister Luna who now rules the roost.  I remember these cats as kittens when they first arrived, and loved watching their antics as they played together and with Luz.  That was ten years ago.  Luna has slowed down a little, and I'm sure she misses her pal.

oil on board 8" x 10"  NFS


oil on board  8" x 10"  NFS

Friday, May 30, 2014

BB and Lucille

I had the thrill and pleasure of briefly meeting BB King about 19 years ago in the Atlanta airport.  He was sitting by himself, with Lucille of course, so I said hello, had a few words, and shook the great mans hand.  He was a true gentleman.  The painting is a gift for a young hockey buddy on his 40th birthday.  He is a collector of guitars and enjoys playing them every chance he gets.  This is the closest he'll get to receiving a guitar from me...ha!

oil on board  7 1/2' X 7 1/2"  NFS

Thursday, May 1, 2014


A portrait of my dear mother as she looks at ninety two.  It will be interesting to see her reaction...probably won't agree with the little bit extra below the cheek...ha!  She has always taken pride in her appearance, and many much younger women have admired her lovely skin and look.  Apparently a lifetime of daily Nivea cream applications did the trick.  Nothing to do with the genes.  I am sending this portrait to my sister on the event of her sixtieth birthday.

oil on board  8" x 10"  NFS

Thursday, February 6, 2014

On Standby

This was the third painting which I started in San Jose, and only now just finished it.  Most of it was completed there, but background and highlights were concerning me so I decided to let it rest and revisit with fresh eyes and renewed energy.  I photographed this fellow on the street waiting for his next car wash job, and loved his relaxed look leaning against an old Ford pickup.  Some of my favorite figure studies are of locals going about their day.

oil on board  8" x 10"  Sold

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beach Couple

This painting was started on my second day in San Jose from a photograph taken on a morning walk along the beach.  Morning and late afternoon light is so warm and dramatic. The beaches spread for miles with no shortage of subject matter, and offer some exercise to offset the marvelous food and margaritas. Little did I know at this point that the weight I seemed to be quickly packing on would be lost in a flash starting four days later.  Yes, I contracted some kind of stomach/intestinal thing that took all of two weeks to calm down.  But I am back down to my fighting weight...yay!  Silver lining in every cloud.  The Cabo area is more like Palm Springs than anywhere else in Mexico, so it's apparently rare to be affected this way while down there.  I really enjoyed visiting with friends Gord and Gayle, who went out of their way to show me the sights and experience the beauty of the area.

oil on board  12" x 9"  Did not pass muster...I painted over it.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Beach Patrol

I recently visited the beautiful Mexican area of San Jose near Cabo San Lucas, and took a lot of photos while walking on the beaches and through town.  I captured this young lady the first morning and spent the afternoon on my deck outside painting her on her beautiful horse.  I was going to paint plein air, but decided to spread out close to the beer fridge and enjoy the day.  Plein air is something I really want to do, but wasn't quite ready or properly prepared for on this trip.

oil on board 9" x 12"  Sold

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Aniyah and Reyah

The artist and her little sister Reyah were on my studio floor one afternoon with Aniyah doing some drawings of a few of my paintings.  These young ladies are so bright and beautiful, with three year old Reyah right off the cuteness chart.  The girls are two of Rose's five grand kids who together with their parents visited for a few days from Victoria this summer.  The painting of them is a surprise for Grannie Rose's birthday (today). 

I've been studying some DVDs by Quang Ho that I bought months ago, and am trying to incorporate as much as I can of what he teaches.  He emphasizes the need for accuracy in the drawing to have any chance of creating a solid painting.  His instruction is articulate and insightful as he finishes a couple of paintings in real time.  I was able to take away some valuable information and ideas, and just watching him mix colour and apply paint is worth the price of admission.  Check out his outstanding work.

oil on board  10" x 8"  NFS