Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Airport Travelers

This is a re-post of the same painting...different photo. The first one was quite subdued and didn't represent very well.

I want to thank everyone again, publicly this time, for their marvelous warmth and support of my courageous wife Rose. Last evening her doctor called to say that the bone biopsy he performed came back negative...Negatory!!! Wow, what a relief for both of us. I'm not planning to turn this into Rose's health blog, but again, I wanted to thank everyone and pass on some great news. She still has a long way to go, but the fight is on one front, not two or ten. In my joy, I painted this current DSFDF challenge which I loved...probably my favorite next to last year's portrait exchange. Painted to the sounds of U2 and the flavors of a fine merlot, this came together quite smoothly with only a couple of drawing changes at the beginning. It's unusual for me to have thoughts other than painting when working on a piece, but the welcome distraction was a bonus, in that I probably kept a few more details out of this.
oil on canvas board 12 "x 9"