Thursday, December 28, 2017

Jack Pine Forest

A composition out of my head for Jessica and Shane.  I wanted to create something more abstract, but working with acrylics this time made that a lot trickier as I'm not really used to working with the medium.  I love/hate the quick dry time which dictates how you are going to apply and work the paint.  Suppose like anything else practice makes...don't want to use the word perfect here, but you know what I mean.

Acrylic on canvas   36" x 24'

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Roger and Joanne Aldag

I had the pleasure of meeting Roger and his lovely wife Joanne on a beach in Bucerias, Mexico last month when they graciously allowed me to take their photograph for this painting.  I didn't know who they were initially until we exchanged particulars so they could see the finished work.  I recognized his name immediately, as Roger was a star in the CFL and gave our Bombers fits whenever they met on the football field.  He still looks like he could suit up and help their team.  It's worth googling his name to see his amazing accomplishments through a very long and successful career.  The man is revered in Saskatchewan, and with Rider fans throughout the they are everywhere. Anyway what a great couple that I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with.  And yes it's true, the pros do get all the good looking girls...ha!

oil on board 
12" x 9"