Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Busy Rest

The Flying Moleskins has been a lot of fun to say the least, and I particularly enjoyed finishing this piece for my blog buddy Camille Olsen. It was almost done about four weeks ago, but lacked some finishing touches that eluded me until last night. I've been away, and busy lately, not having any time to paint, so completing this felt great. I punched up the darks in the gal up front effectively bringing her forward and increasing her importance in the painting. (She kinda looks like Rose). Then I tried to create more interest in the shadows in front of her. I took this photo in Germany last May, and included a streetscape in Camille's book on her request.
oil on paper 10" x 8"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Room...With A View

This was my first attempt at plein air painting, but ninety percent of it was completed in my studio. Using a technique I'd never tried prior to this, I floundered and made some huge drawing errors which I was able to correct at home using a reference photo. The whole experience was quite overwhelming, but a lot of fun nonetheless. I found it interesting how so much information was lost in a photo, and ended up having to wing it. For example, the shaded areas were very flat with little or no value and colour information, but fortunately I had some value clues even though the underpainting was weak. Not all is lost if even a small part of the painting is done from life. In finishing this piece at home, it became a lot more detailed than I originally had intended.
oil on board 10" x 8"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stacked Rocks

This is my last landscape from Helper, and not really being into them prior to the workshop, I feel that I want to pursue painting the world now that the plein air bug has bitten me. Figures are still my passion, but broadening ones horizons is always a worthwhile pursuit. This piece was finished fairly quickly in my studio. When the darks and values are laid in accurately, adding colour and highlights not only make more sense, but they go down so much easier with more strength and conviction. Using this technique I hope and feel that improvement will come with each successive painting.
oil on board 8" x 10"