Sunday, July 26, 2009

Paul and Anna

This is a portrait of my cousin Paul and his wonderful wife Anna. When we visited them earlier this year for the very first time, their warmth and hospitality was limitless, and we definitely were made to feel part of their family. We couldn't have felt more welcomed. The setting here is their favorite restaurant where we ate outside on a shaded patio on a beautiful sunny afternoon. We will never forget that day, and by painting the moment, it is forever in my mind, and after I mail it to them, hopefully theirs as well. We hope to visit them again soon, in Augsburg, Germany.
oil on masonite 10 1/2" x 7 1/2"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

In Full Stride

This was a fun little figure study done from a photo I took earlier this year from a seventh floor window. I must of clicked fifty pictures of various people walking, riding and jogging, so there are a few more of these in my future. I am working on an idea for a large scale piece along these lines.
oil on masonite 9 1/2" x 7 1/2"

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This was a great figurative challenge from DSFDF that I finished about a week ago. I painted this outside on my deck in the brilliant sunshine, effectively making this my first plein air painting with an asterisk. I used a reference photo instead of what lay before me, so I'm thinkin' this probably does not qualify...but it sure was fun painting outside. oil on canvas panel 8" x 10"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Another submission just under the wire. I started this a couple of weeks ago and just didn't get to it until now. While I was painting, I was wondering how many other people thought about Paula Villanova while they were working on their pieces. There is a definite resemblence to Paula in her dark shades as she appears in her avatar don't you think? oil on masonite 8" x 6 1/2"