Saturday, November 16, 2013

Aniyah and Reyah

The artist and her little sister Reyah were on my studio floor one afternoon with Aniyah doing some drawings of a few of my paintings.  These young ladies are so bright and beautiful, with three year old Reyah right off the cuteness chart.  The girls are two of Rose's five grand kids who together with their parents visited for a few days from Victoria this summer.  The painting of them is a surprise for Grannie Rose's birthday (today). 

I've been studying some DVDs by Quang Ho that I bought months ago, and am trying to incorporate as much as I can of what he teaches.  He emphasizes the need for accuracy in the drawing to have any chance of creating a solid painting.  His instruction is articulate and insightful as he finishes a couple of paintings in real time.  I was able to take away some valuable information and ideas, and just watching him mix colour and apply paint is worth the price of admission.  Check out his outstanding work.

oil on board  10" x 8"  NFS