Saturday, November 26, 2016


My little granddaughter Avery... 2 1/2...  is a real peach.  This is my first painting of her referenced by a great photograph by Granny Rose.  After her amazing abstract painting which is now hanging in our foyer, I was inspired to create something as I haven't been painting for too long a time.  She is a super smart kid...but aren't they all these days.  This is her giving it her best "Uma" look...ha!

oil on board
8" x 10"


Saturday, March 26, 2016


Sadly, poor Niko was struck and killed by a car last year right in front the house where he lived with friends Don and Luz.  Not sure how people can drive so recklessly on a quiet residential street and not be bothered to slow down for a confused little critter.  It was a very sad day.  With not a great photo to reference, I borrowed heavily from a painting I fell in love with by artist extraordinaire  Jill Soukup.  She is an amazing painter whose workshop I would love to attend.  When you look at her painting, the cat is alive and breathing.  I loved her composition and decided to use it to try and create something that would remind my friends of their beloved little pal.  He had the bushiest, coolest tail I've ever seen on a cat. Thank you Jill, I learned a lot trying to emulate your beautiful work.

oil on board  8" x 10"

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fab Four

Painted from a photo snapped in Central Park this past November, this is hopefully one of a series I'd like to do of images captured in NYC.  There certainly are a lot of "Humans" of New York...ha!  The city is so vibrant, I refer to it as brain food.  Definitely one of the most stimulating cities that we have ever visited.  I was fortunate enough to spend time in both the Metropolitan and MOMA art museums, and viewed literally dozens and dozens of paintings that I had only previously seen in books.  Can hardly wait to go back some day soon.

oil on board 12" x 9"  $350.00 framed