Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I just completed this portrait of a lovely woman named Margaryta who appears to have had a real zest for life, although she suffered from a life long problem with depression.  There's a saying..."Depression is like a war, you either win, or you die trying."  Unfortunately and very sadly for Margaryta and her family, she did not win this war.  This painting was a commission done as a gift for her daughter who misses her terribly.

All proceeds from the painting have been donated to Siloam Mission where many of the needy suffer from clinical depression.

oil on board 8" x 10" Sold

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sight Seeing in Tuscany

This painting started as a landscape of the Tuscan countryside, but I was not happy with the way the paint went down,  and found it a little boring.  It is from a photo I took, and the best way to fix it I thought was to add some figures which I had photographed in a different location.  The result was much more to my liking, however the photo here is not very good.  Because of the large size,  the lighting comes off very unevenly with the right side being far too dark.  Wonder what the chances are of this young couple ever seeing themselves in this picture.  They were probably enjoying Italy on their honeymoon about three years ago.

oil on canvas 72" x 48"  $1950.00  unframed,  1 3/4" edges painted

Friday, December 18, 2015


I've always loved Edvard Munch's "The Scream."  I decided to try my hand at sculpture...paper mache to be more precise.  It is easy to prepare and work with, and is a crazy amount of fun.  I probably destroyed it five or six times trying to find a gesture that was in keeping with the energy and raw emotion in the painting.  How powerful a word...SCREAM! This was for an alcove in our house.

30" x 22" x 16"   acrylic on paper mache and board