Monday, August 9, 2010

A Bridge Not Too Far

I have been missing painting lately, and was finally able to do this plein air piece close by my house...hence the very clever title...ha! Yesterday must have been a hundred degrees here, (thirty five Celsius)...even us metric guys go Fahrenheit when it's that hot. The Red River is quite muddy, but has some interesting colour in the bright sunshine, and I just wanted to paint something, even though it was baking out there. So here it is, my first plein air back home. Kinda felt like Utah with the sun and heat.
oil on board 10" x 8"


  1. Great job, Vern, the light hitting the water is perfect. I wish we had some of that heat has been one of the coolest summers in a long time.

  2. nice, the light under the bridge the colors of cement. There are so many details in details when one really looks at things!

    I hope you have a great dance in Edmonton on Friday night!

    I will tell the ladies that we almost had a famous artist show up!

  3. That should be the title of a song !
    Love this plein air your doing . Even in the heat, I'm almost cold here !

  4. Glad you got to paint, this is wonderful Vern, I really like the reflected light under the bridge, I like the title too!

  5. Wow Vern, great lines and composition! And the title is just terrific.

    That's quite hot - it's chilly here!