Friday, October 1, 2010

Crazy About Shoes

This painting is for Irit Bourla, who is crazy about shoes. Check out all the other moleskin entries here.

oil on paper 11 1/2" x 8'  NFS


  1. Goo Job, Vern! What woman isn't crazy for shoes? I like the play of verticals in this composition.

  2. These wonderful little slice of life street scenes that you do are amazing Vern! I love the narrative that goes on with each one and how you personalize them too.
    I like what you did in Dominque's book below too!

  3. Comme je le dis souvent, j'aime les chaussures mais je n'aime pas mes pieds!!! Vont-elles craquer devant une telle vitrine???
    Moi oui! à la fois devant la vitrine et à la fois devant le tableau... Bravo!

  4. I think you've struck a chord with many of us, Vern - LOVE shoes (even though I swear the same comfortable pair almost every day). Wonderful painting. I'm enjoying your travel paintings.

  5. What a great subject. I love looking at shoe too.

  6. i could have sworn this was my mother and siter... different country though ;)
    very nice work!