Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Morning Rush

I was watching TV one evening and a documentary dealing with city something is on, and I feel drawn to the images rushing by.  So I hit pause on the PVR (best invention having to do with TV so far), run down grab my camera, hit rewind, then start, and begin snapping pics.  After sifting through about twenty photos, which were somewhat blurry, I crop this and think bingo.  It kind of forced me to be looser,  nowhere near what I was hoping for, but a reasonably good start and a mindset to build on.  Is it okay to paint from photos taken from movies/TV I wonder?  I get so much inspiration from video and would like to do more.

oil on board  12" x 9"  NFS


  1. Bonsoir,

    Une peinture tout en mouvement... J'aime cette capture de la vie urbaine prise sur le vif...
    Une jolie harmonie de couleurs...
    Gros bisous

  2. Like the anonymity of your subjects - makes for a perfect rendition of 'rush hour'. I often do the same thing - especially if it is of a subject that I am not privvy to seeing in my life in a rural setting. I like the composition - my eyes enter and gently weave through.

    1. Thanks Pattie. As anonymous as the main figures seem, they still bear a resemblance to the people in the photo. Funny how that always seems to happen in the interest of creating a believable figure.

  3. i absolutely LOVE this! i get the feeling of folks rushing about, lovely! and i do that all the time with the TV and my camera. now that everything is HD we can get some really great reference.

  4. Fantastic! You really have captured the 'movement' of the crowd. Images from the tv.......great idea!

  5. Thank you Suzanne and Helen, I really appreciate the comments.