Thursday, February 6, 2014

On Standby

This was the third painting which I started in San Jose, and only now just finished it.  Most of it was completed there, but background and highlights were concerning me so I decided to let it rest and revisit with fresh eyes and renewed energy.  I photographed this fellow on the street waiting for his next car wash job, and loved his relaxed look leaning against an old Ford pickup.  Some of my favorite figure studies are of locals going about their day.

oil on board  8" x 10"


  1. I like your hint of detail - this man could be 'anyone and everyone' if you know what I mean - the light/color in the background is so warm and inviting! Nice one Vern!

  2. Thanks Pattie, I believe he would recognize himself if he saw the painting. Sometimes it's easier to create a believable figure by capturing the true features.