Friday, May 30, 2014

BB and Lucille

I had the thrill and pleasure of briefly meeting BB King about 19 years ago in the Atlanta airport.  He was sitting by himself, with Lucille of course, so I said hello, had a few words, and shook the great mans hand.  He was a true gentleman.  The painting is a gift for a young hockey buddy on his 40th birthday.  He is a collector of guitars and enjoys playing them every chance he gets.  This is the closest he'll get to receiving a guitar from me...ha!

oil on board  7 1/2' X 7 1/2"  NFS


  1. Very cool that you got to meet the man - something to remember - it is a great painting of him and Lucille! I love the painting of your mom too, really shows that well-cared for skin and beauty! BTW - thanks for stopping by, my blog is waning lately..wish there was something going on, like a 'challenge' - those were the days. ha! Paint on Vern!

  2. Thanks Pattie. I sure miss the DSFDF challenges myself. They were so much fun.

  3. Hi, Vern! I agree about the DSFDF challenges!

    Love the BB painting. I used to play guitar with a band and he is a hero of mine.

  4. This painting is nothing short of Awesome. So visually exciting, I especially love those hands, the eyes, and those colors on the side of his neck. Your rush hour painting is also neat! I'm feeling more emotion and excitement in these recent paintings; they actually vibrate!

  5. Thanks Dean, I would have loved to see you perform.

    Good to hear from you Camille. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments.