Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Deciding On A New Coat

On a rainy afternoon at the Helper, Utah workshop, under Doug Braithwaite's suggestion, we all set up in the studio area to create and paint our own still lifes. There were all sorts of props and stimulating articles to choose from, and I decided on this longhorn skull which I attached to a dressmaker's mannequin. Don't ask me why. The dramatic lighting was very interesting and we all soon got busy on our own projects. Of course the time flew by, and I never did finish the piece until last night. I've looked at this painting for several months and really couldn't decide what to do with it. Sometimes you just have to wait, or talk to someone like Dominique Eichi to get the ideas flowing again. Thanks Dominique. Because I didn't photograph the setup at the time, it was from memory that I completed this piece. I must admit, that I was struck by some of the colour/shadow nuances that we don't pick up on when painting from photos. Even the photo I took of the finished painting does not reflect these.

Another note to self...DO MORE PAINTINGS!!!

"Ninety percent of life is just showing up." Woody Allen"

oil on board 9" x 12"


  1. Love the contrast of the sharp angular skull against the soft mannequin form and the way you emphasized each with the lighting; so beautiful! This looks like it would be fun to pursue as a series...just a thought since you mentioned painting a lot more...Happy New Year, Vern!

  2. I love this Vern!!! Creativity, memory and skill come together so well. It is alive!
    Yes, Keep Painting.

  3. Beautifully done, Vern! I like the little peeks of red showing up throughout! Creates harmony!

  4. Hi Vern, I love the looseness you used in this one - a dynamite set-up and lighting! Love the background color. You nailed it!

  5. this is wonderful vern, i love it. the cool blue shadows, the palette, the choice of objects, really incredible. i agree with note to self!!

  6. I can believe I never commented on this piece on your blog. This piece is so COOL I'm honored I was in a small way able to help.
    I can't wait to see much more artwork from you in the future !