Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nathan MacKinnon

Nathan is my friend Bubba Tays' nephew. We went to watch him play in the 17 and under tourney last year where as a 15 year old, he was definitely one of Atlantic Canada's best players as they got slaughtered by the powerful US team. Here he is trying to evade one their players (Seth Jones). I took about a hundred photos and found about two that were paintable. This is pretty loose for me, and I really enjoyed the way it went down. If you are a hockey fan, watch for this kid. He will make it to the NHL, and with any luck, we may see him playing with the Jets.

oil on board 10" x 8"  NFS


  1. Une superbe peinture... j'adore le mouvement et la force qui sont bien présentes.
    Je ne connais pas grand chose en hockey, mais mon petit-fils se prénomme Nathan, le vôtre est donc surement un champion !!
    Gros bisous

  2. Hey, Vern...I really love your style on this one! Keep this style in your future repertoire.
    I also liked your standing man entry in the Lee Brown challenge!

  3. Great job creating a sense of movement in this one Vern - you never stop exploring, way to go!