Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Lovely Couple

This painting is for my daughter's June social, and will hopefully raise a few dollars for their upcoming wedding in October.  Tickets are sold at these events for various prizes, and the night itself is usually a lot of fun.  I love paintings of fish, and they're a lot of fun to do, especially Koi with their vibrant colours and interesting shapes.  Melissa and Tom got engaged last August on an island while camping and fishing, so there is a little bit of a connection with the subject matter here.

oil on canvas  36" x 24"  NFS


  1. This is impressive, Vern. Love the colors. Really nice work.

    1. Thanks Kari, Bright, bold colours do attract attention don't they? It's what I see a lot of in your beautiful work.

  2. Wow this must have been a labour of love, it's beautiful!

  3. This is really terrific. I looked at your other posts and am really impressed. The salmon painting for your daughter is one of my favorites. Signed up to follow your blog so I can see more.