Thursday, September 13, 2012

Walking The Walk

Finally finished a painting... a commission piece which was a real challenge in that the reference photo was an old black and white with limited background information.  All in all I enjoyed the whole process in spite of the numerous changes and redos.  I know struggling can sometimes be a blessing in disguise, in that you are forced to think, and experiment more than what lies in the old comfort zone.  When I originally saw the photo of this well dressed young man striding confidently down the avenue, I was inspired.  His look just made me think style and GQ.

oil on board 12" x 18" Sold


  1. Vern, so nice to see you back in the blogosphere, I was surprised when you showed up in my sidebar - yay!! I love this painting - painting color into a black and white takes such imagination, you nailed it! Style and G.Q. is certain!

  2. I'm hearing ZZ Top's Sharp-Dressed Man. Very striking portrait with eye candy all over the painting. I admire your compositional skill and wonderful color touches like the red sign and the little blue car in the distance. Everything contributes to the harmony of the whole. A+++++!