Sunday, November 11, 2012

Free The Spirit

I've always loved pelicans, especially when they are air born, and decided to do this piece for Rose.  (It's her birthday).  This is a painting she plans to hang in her office at work, where "Free the spirit" is their motto.  What could be more uplifting than these majestic birds taking flight in unison.

oil on canvas 48" x 36"  NFS


  1. This is beautiful, Vern. I love the 'pattern' effect of repeating the shapes, the tonal values: light on dark, and dark on light... the muted palette: brilliant. Glad to see that's a big painting. Will look spectacular in an office.

  2. Magnificent painting, Vern! Lucky Rose.

  3. A perfect visual for "free the spirit", Vern! And incredibly well done.
    A late Happy Birthday to Rose! :)

  4. Really beautifully done Vern! I love the amount of birds you put in this one - some all on the canvas, some half off. Bet is looks wonderful on Rose's wall! She must be very proud of you!