Tuesday, March 24, 2009

At The Beach

What a great photo Karin supplied this week. I loved all of the main figures in the photo, so I decided not to crop, but to put 'em all in. I found a very sharp #6 flat brush and as soon as I tried it, I loved it, but knew that it would be extremely hard not to noodle. I guess I ended up somewhere in between. The blues did not come out in this photo, so I'm thinking it's time to visit R. Garriott's blog and get the skinny on a photoshop program. 12" x 6" oil on masonite


  1. Excellent job Vern. The figures are very well done. Great brushwork.

  2. Nice job with all the figures and beautiful brushstrokes, Vern!
    And the man in your painting will appreciate the diet you put him on, he looks great!!

  3. Edward, really glad you liked it. Your figures are always inspiring.

    Thanks Dana, you know all us 50ish guys look like that...ha!

  4. Hey Vern,
    You are jumping ahead in leaps and bounds with your paintings! I can't believe you haven't been painting all your life! This scene is lovely - full of areas which have action and others that have places to rest the eyes... all harmonized with great colors. Well done.

  5. nicely done! I hear the sound of the surf

  6. Hey Vern,
    I have tagged you in my post for tomorrow. Please check it out. :-)

  7. Hey Vern , I love it, we are next to each other it makes it nice to compare the differences or similarity.
    You did a fabulous job as always. I feel like I was in art school when you would put your stuff on the wall !!

  8. I like the horizontal cropping and the warm colors of the people against the blues of the water and sky.

  9. Hi
    Beautiful painting, I feel the ocean and the winds. Great job. Keep up the good work.

  10. Hi Vern, I just found your blog and love your work. About photoshop, have you been to www.EmptyEasel.com?
    There are several articles about GIMP, a free version of Photoshop. I downloaded it, have been playing with it, and really like it. You can make adjustments one color at a time for an infinite number of colors.

  11. Joanne, thanks so much, I really appreciate your comments.

    Thank you Celeste, nice of you to stop by.

    Thanks Dominique, it's a pleasure to be hangin' with you.

    Maria and Arthur, thanks for your encouragement.

    Carol, thanks and ditto on your blog. I'll check out EmptyEasel.

  12. Hi Vern ((Mr. Schwarz!),

    Thanks for you kind mention and for the spelling! I'm a lot more forgiving of fellow bloggers spelling as I am personally a terrible typist.

    Love your rendition! How'd you find time to paint everyone in??Colors looks great here whether accurate or not.

    You might find that Tip #5 is helpful; try adjusting the blue and cyan sliders.


  13. Great job! The dimensions (2:1) work very well! Love the brushwork and colors!

  14. Excellent! I loved clicking on this to enlarge it and getting to see your brushwork. Did you paint over a red ground for this?

  15. Phew!!! thanks for letting me off the hook R., originally as I read your blog...well you know.

    In real life, the painting has way more life and depth. I'll try to make those colour corrections you suggest, but I still need do get Photoshop.

    Thanks Akiko and Liz, I painted on an acrylic burnt sienna ground. I've been experimenting with different colours with the aforementioned being my usual.

  16. I love your version, and that you tackled all the figures! I'm a sucker for that 2:1 format too. Beautiful job!

  17. This is lovely, Vern. You really captured the feeling of a great beach day.
    thanks for sharing,
    P.S. I also loved the last kitty portrait--wonderful brushstrokes and soulful eyes.

  18. Kerri and Faye, nice to meet you both, and thanks for the great comments.